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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8 Months

It is so hard to believe that I am at the 8 month marker!! Wow, this is the home stretch!! I hope it goes by fast!! The baby shower was sooooooooooo AWESOME!!! I have such wonderful family and friends, I cannot believe how many people were there and all the gifts were so very generous. I never in my life thought I would cry over car seats and diaper geanies, but I sure did!! I was just overwhelmed and felt so blessed by everyone. Thank you Nana Joyce, Aunt Mindy, Aunt Jac, Aunt Bnana, and Jodi for all of your hard work, it really paid off. It was a day I will hold in my memory bank forever!!! Hudson is already spoiled and not to mention one of the best dressed babies in town for sure!! I can't say enough THANK YOU to everyone who joined us at the shower!! Brandon and I are incredibly thankful for each and every one of you!!

Went to the doc this morning for my routine check, all is well and heartbeat sounds good. I have had a couple of people tell me it looks like my belly has dropped a little, but he didn't say anything about it. He did say "okay, everything looks good but, not much more room in there" --- I've been saying that for 3 months now!! ha ha.

Nursery is almost complete. I have to go shopping this weekend for a few odds and ends, but I will post pics as soon as it's complete!!

Again, We love you all dearly, and a million thanks!!

The Rohrmayers


  1. I feel blessed to be Hudson's Nana. I am betting that he is here before Oct. 3rd. He can't wait to wear all those cute clothes.

  2. Okay.. So I looked at your most recent pic! I think you must be small, I for sure think I'm bigger and I still have 20 more days than you... You will have to check out our blog and tell me what you think!
    Looking great girl!
    For sure we have to have a reunion during the holidays.. Hope you are feeling great these days, only a short time for you now!! Did I ever tell you how much I love the name, its perfect!! Take care! xoxo -Ashlee-


12 week belly

12 week belly
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